Voting considered harmful (Was: Re: Echo Icon Theme in F10?)

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Oct 15 15:21:32 UTC 2008

Nicu Buculei (nicu_fedora at said: 
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
>> It did occur to me - there are sites like,;
>> is there a reason we aren't submitting the theme work (unbranded) we do
>> there as well?
> There is no need for that, the theme is already included in other  
> distros like Gentoo.
> It seems like somebody (a 3-rd party?) submitted it also to gnome-look  
> (which is just another font-end to kde-look):  
> but maintenance  
> there is a pain in the ass, you have to manually keep it in sync with  
> our git.

Not just Echo - I mean Nodoka, Solar, Gears, etc.


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