[fedora-java] FeatureEclipse33 Status

Andrew Overholt overholt at redhat.com
Tue Aug 14 17:32:50 UTC 2007


Here's the status of the Fedora 8 feature of updating the Eclipse stack
to the 3.3 (Europa) base [1].  I've CC'd all of the maintainers.  Please
reply with answers where you can.

SDK (Ben Konrath)
- largely done
- working through a build-id issue
- needs jetty5 review and inclusion (bug #202334)
- need to investigate tweaking memory limits in eclipse.ini if IcedTea
gets into F8

Mylyn (Andrew Overholt)
- awaiting CVS rename
- otherwise good to go

EMF (Andrew Overholt)
- would require a *tonne* of changes:  probably multiple new SRPMs, lots
of Provides and Obsoletes
- since nothing depends upon it, I propose we drop it from Fedora 8
- anyone object?  care to take it over?

GEF (Andrew Overholt)
- since nothing depends upon it, I propose we drop it from Fedora 8
- see last comment under EMF :)

ChangeLog (Jeff Johnston)
- mostly complete (I think)
- Jeff?

CDT & autotools (Jeff Johnston)
- ready AFAIK
- Jeff?

Subclipse (Robert Marcano)
- ready, right, Robert?

PyDev (Igor Foox)
- Igor:  can you update to latest version that works with 3.3?  If not,
can you orphan it?  Ben says he can take it over if you don't have time.
- would be nice to get Mylyn integration in when we update

sdl-nls, nlspackager (Andrew Overholt)
- I'm going to remove these since there are no translations for 3.3

checkstyle (Rob Myers)
- things are good to go, right, Rob?

quickrex (Alphonse Van Assche)
- things work with 3.3, right, Alphonse?

phpeclipse (Brandon Holbrook)
- do things work with 3.3, Brandon?

specfile editor (Alphonse Van Assche ... yes, I'm perhaps jumping the
gun a bit here ;)
- are we good to get this in by test2, Alphonse?



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