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Re: Warren' rejection of cooperation with other repos

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On Saturday 08 November 2003 04:09, Axel Thimm wrote:
> I am sorry to hear that you still think you were doing the Right
> Thing (TM).
> When Fedora (US) was being formed it attracted many repo maintainers
> like freshrpms, newrpms, dag and many others including myself. They
> hoped for a coordination institution within fedora, which should
> provide

So it would seem that you're going to discount Warren's package naming 
scheme, mearly because there is bad blood between him and some other 
package repots?  Great... thats nice.

Perhaps the rest of us should adopt Warren's proposal, and let the chips 
fall where they may... sound familiar?  What happened last time?  
Individual repots that didn't work worth a crap with eachother, leading to 
confused and helpless end users.  Perfect way to support a project...

For cripes sake, drop the political crap and bad blood, review his proposal 
and make some decent feedback on it instead of bickering about the past.

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