fonts-bengali added to Fedora Core

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Fri Jan 23 16:59:35 UTC 2004

I've now created a fonts-bengali-0.1.noarch.rpm for Fedora Core 2:
I'm not sure that we'll get it squeezed into Test 1, but
it will definitely be there for Test 2. Please give the
package a look and let me know if you find any problems.


 * Currently it packages only MuktiNarrow, since I was told 
   that was the most desirable font to include. In terms
   of including other fonts, the guidelines would be as
   said earlier "each font should be justified as serving
   a different purpose".

 * Since it likely will contain other fonts in the future,
   I gave it a version of '0.1' rather than matching the
   upstream '0.94' for MuktiNarrow. I used a low 0.1 to
   provide for future flexibility.

 * I've named it 'fonts-bengali' to correspond to the convention
   we are now following; see fonts-arabic, fonts-hebrew.

 * I went with 'bengali' rather than 'bangla' since bengali
   is the most commonly used English name for the language
   and script, and the package names are in English.

   Examples of the use of 'bengali'

   I know some native users prefer 'Bangla', but I think 
   using 'bengali' in the package name will keep confusion
   to a minimum.

Sorry for the delay in getting to this, and thanks to Jamil
for his persistance in bugging me about it.


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