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Re: jigdo distribution

See fedora.us jigdo packages:


On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 02:59:35AM +0000, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Recomondation for FC4 - make the distribution fetchable via jigdo.
> A big advantage of jigdo is it allows the user to use a local mirror to  
> fetch the rpm's etc. that are on the iso's - without the local mirror  
> needing to host iso files.


After a development cycle, most mirrors will have rawhide with
packages very close, if not identical, to the contents of the final
ISOs.  If a jigdo were distributed by Red Hat to the mirror sites
beforehand, they could reassemble their own ISOs from the packages
already on their local disk (with perhaps a few exceptions), greatly
speeding up the process of preparing the mirror for release, with
complete ISOs available, while reducing the load on Red Hat

> The torrent works well for fetching fedora - and should certainly  
> remain as a distribution option, but many people can not use torrent  
> because of firewall issues or company/school policy. Since jigdo uses  
> ftp/http and does not open ports for serving, that's not an issue.

Another excellent argument.

> I don't know of jigdo works with DVD images, but by the time a mirror  
> has packages, src packages, cd images, dvd images, that's a LOT of  
> space it needs and it just seems that a smarter solution would be  
> something like jigdo.

It should work just fine with DVD images, or any other image where the
contents of the image are like "puzzle pieces" that fit into the 
larger image.

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