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anaconda ftp install

Since I am going to be installing fc3 in lots of different configurations etc. for testing purposes, I set up an old iMac I had lying around with YDL and set it up as a ftp server for install and updates, figuring ftp install is the easiest way to do thing (no disk swapping)

Two attempts at install failed. First attempt failed at installing ImageMagick - so I tried again, wondering if maybe the ImageMagick rpm on the server was bad. Second install failed earlier, with the kernel (which had installed first go around)

It seems anaconda just gives up when it has downloaded a bad package. Now maybe the nic or something on that iMac isn't perfect, but there's a simple solution for remote installs - check the GPG sig of the package. If it fails grab it again. That way a clean package is there for install, even if it takes more than one fetch to get it.

Can this be added to Anaconda for FC4?

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