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Re: /proc/config.gz support on? Why not?

On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 12:30 +0100, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Mi, den 24.11.2004 schrieb Jeremy Rosengren um 8:03:
> > If they're that important to you, I'd imagine you'd find ways to make
> > backup copies of them to prevent complete loss in the event of an
> > accidental deletion.  Otherwise, you can always get at them by
> > reinstalling the kernel RPM.
> > 
> > -- jeremy
> You don't need to reinstall the kernel
> rpm2cpio kernel-version.arch.rpm | cpio -ivd config-versionnumber
> will extract only the config file (not sure whether full path needed for
> cpio; can be tested with `cpio -t').
> Alexander

I know the typical Redhatish answer is to use the rpm system.
Apparently, no one  has grasped the significance of my  suggestion. It
is amazing the amount of  resistance over the simple idea of clicking
one button during the actual kernel build and seeing the kernel increase
in size a few kilobytes in order to provide an additional user/developer
convenience. My initial question was intended to stimulate serious
consideration, which it apparently has not. Enabling
the /proc/config.gz option is incredibly useful in many Fortune 500
developer groups, but  since we have these myriad workarounds it should
probably be removed as a kernel config option.  Thanks for the dialog.


Sam Williams                                           samurai acm org
        Welcome to Rivendell Mr. Anderson.......

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