Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at
Tue Feb 1 16:10:43 UTC 2005


> A quick glance at gnome-system-tools web page and we
> see that it doesn't
> have a printing capplet.  

it doesnt. since a rewrite is planned, we could use
gst framework for the new tool.

Even then I believe that
> GST isn't the right
> way to go as a whole since it makes us a lot less
> flexible in certain
> ways. 

can you expand on that?

 Basically I feel we should be looking forward
> ask ourselves how
> should a system be configured five years from now. 
> Then again I look at
> printer configuration from the users perspective
> where I just want
> things to work without the user configuring
> anything.  A good sysadmin
> tool is needed also but it must work seamlessly with
> the user tools.  I
> have a bunch of ideas and wants for
> system-config-printer that I will
> post later.  Colin Walters and I were discussing the
> whole printer mess
> with Jody from Novell at last years Gnome Summit and
> we came up with GUP
> (Grand Unified Printing) which I believe has a CVS
> module in Gnome but
> it kind of fizzled from there.  Perhaps this is a
> good time to resurrect
> it and do all the work upstream.

yep. upstream cross distro tools was the kind of
approach I was talking about

Rahul Sundaram

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