James Sylvester commonlaw at
Tue Feb 1 22:03:54 UTC 2005

   I can only agree with Tim. Having, for 5 months attempted to configure
a new scx4600 Epson printer/scanner to operate in Fedora 3.  I have yet
to accomplish this feat in the way that the printer designers and the 
Epson Kowa Company (a third party Japanese linux driver software
company) intended the printer/scanner to operate.  If a printer is not
in the Xml, Gnome, KDE, Cups, Gimp, or Ghost driver database, the
current system will defeat a third party linux printer driver from
operating at its designed capacity.  I believe that it will take time
to review and integrate any solution into Core 4.  Core 5, possibly?  A
beginning may be to allow the current system-config-printer to permit
brand x software to be inserted into Gnome or Cups without waiting for
these installers to place in there database the specific printer.

    All good things come with time. Unfortunately, diligent input is a
necessary partner for "good things".  Jim Sylvester

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