Change to bzip2?

Jeff Johnson n3npq at
Thu Feb 3 14:51:18 UTC 2005

Steve G wrote:

>>What is really needed is to change package transport, not diddle with
>>package guts, to use rsync like, rather than raw http transport.
>I think you will always need to support http or ftp because of corporate
>firewalling rules. Therefore, decreasing the rpm file size needs to be
>considered. Mandrake srpms are almost always smaller than RH. That really helps
>downloading. And I'm sure that helps take the load off the servers, too.
Yep, http fer sure, ftp doesn't even begin to be useful.

So diddle with package guts if that floats your boat. I'm all in favor
of lightly loaded servers, and I'm very happy that MDK packages are smaller
than Red Hat's.

Hint: rsync deltas using rdiff from librsync are easily transported 
across http.

73 de Jeff

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