New Install Idea

Sean seanlkml at
Sun Feb 6 03:47:56 UTC 2005

On Sat, February 5, 2005 10:45 pm, Robert Spangler said:

> Nope.  Me request is to have 1 CD that only needs the minimum software
> required to prep the disc and then install all the software you would like
> from a yum repository that way it is only installing the latest version.
> No updates needed after the install.
> I am not a programmer, but to me this sounds like it is do-able.
> Everything would run like it does now with the only exception being when
> the time comes to install the software a yum repository would be used
> instead of the CD.

As someone mentioned though, a CD is really overkill and would always have
to be updated with the latest releases.   What you're looking for is
already available today.   Run the Anaconda installer and use http or ftp
to do the install over the network.   As long as the ftp or http site you
use is serving up the latest versions of each rpm you'll have no updating
to do after the install.    You can create your own collection of rpms
that you want to serve to such network installs.   This is a very common
practice for people that maintain a large number of machines.


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