New Install Idea

seth vidal skvidal at
Sun Feb 6 06:02:45 UTC 2005

> Err, yes. Except the first half of your request is already done. You *can*
> install from a 5MB cd over the network. (Altough it's nicer to have an ~80mb
> one which has the full GUI installer, because it's annoying to pull that
> over the net every time.)
> But what it doesn't do is look for updates and use newer packages if
> available, like yum does.

So in order to get there we need a number of things to happen in
 1. multiple repository support
 2. a way to set up multiple repositories, sanely, in the gui
 3. a nice way to handle conflicts and what not from the interface -
seeing as anaconda has, historically, dealt with consistent repositories
with complete dependency closure. B/c you know the moment there is
multiple repo support people will not just do base+updates but base


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