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Matthew Miller mattdm at
Sun Feb 6 05:27:21 UTC 2005

On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 03:45:11AM +0000, Robert Spangler wrote:
> >  I think really your request is this:
> >   When doing a network install, anaconda should look for an updates
> > directory on the remote server and use any newer packages from there
> > instead of from the base area.
> Nope.  Me request is to have 1 CD that only needs the minimum software 
> required to prep the disc and then install all the software you would like 
> from a yum repository that way it is only installing the latest version.  No 
> updates needed after the install.

Err, yes. Except the first half of your request is already done. You *can*
install from a 5MB cd over the network. (Altough it's nicer to have an ~80mb
one which has the full GUI installer, because it's annoying to pull that
over the net every time.)

But what it doesn't do is look for updates and use newer packages if
available, like yum does.

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