openoffice 2.0 & FC4 - status, plans

Dan Williams dcbw at
Sat Feb 12 16:22:44 UTC 2005

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005, Paul wrote:
> >By including ooo 1.9.x in FC4 test1, more people will test it. There are
> >already rpms available on Please report ooo bugs at
> >
> >and packaging bugs at
> >
> >20Core&
> I'd love to see OOo2(beta) incorporated into rawhide today if truth be
> told as it is way and above better than the standard OOo. I can see the
> RH arguments against it though, but given that the schedule for both to
> be released is about the same time, a small delay in FC4 to incorporate
> it would be acceptable (IMO at least).

Fedora isn't just about OOo though.  There are a lot of other packages in the 
distribution and slipping FC4 just to wait for a build of OOo that may/may not 
be coming out soon after the FC4 freeze date seems a bit presumptuous.  However, 
since it is a fairly important app, its schedule may get more weight than, say, 
gcalctool.  As we get nearer to the freeze, we'll have a clearer picture of the 
schedules of both FC4 and OOo 2.0, and Fedora has been known to slip due to 
other reasons too.


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