openoffice 2.0 & FC4 - status, plans

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Sat Feb 12 16:57:28 UTC 2005

> > I'd love to see OOo2(beta) incorporated into rawhide today if truth be
> > told as it is way and above better than the standard OOo. I can see the
> > RH arguments against it though, but given that the schedule for both to
> > be released is about the same time, a small delay in FC4 to incorporate
> > it would be acceptable (IMO at least).
> Fedora isn't just about OOo though.  There are a lot of other packages in the
> distribution and slipping FC4 just to wait for a build of OOo that may/may not
> be coming out soon after the FC4 freeze date seems a bit presumptuous.  However,
> since it is a fairly important app, its schedule may get more weight than, say,
> gcalctool.  As we get nearer to the freeze, we'll have a clearer picture of the
> schedules of both FC4 and OOo 2.0, and Fedora has been known to slip due to
> other reasons too.

And I also vaguely remember Fedora shipping with an important close to
release, relatively stable prerelease product and updating it to the
final release shortly after the release. Ahem... firefox 0.10.1 PR1
with release.... cough firefox 1.0 a good couple of weeks later :-) So
if its a decent update with a full stable release due about the same
time I fully agree shipping a release canditate with the final coming
shortly there after. BTW speaking of which what ever happened to a
thunderbird 1.0 release/update?


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