priorities and dependencies for network interfaces

Michael Favia michael.favia at
Sat Feb 12 22:56:11 UTC 2005

Florin Andrei wrote:

>I've a laptop with a wired network interface (eth0) and a wireless
>network interface (eth1). Both interfaces are configured for DHCP. The
>wireless interface can connect to any SSID.
>If i boot up the laptop without a network cable plugged in, the wireless
>card will find an access point, get an address and all is good.
>If i boot up the laptop with a network cable plugged in, it will get an
>address and a default route from the wired network, but then it will do
>the same with the wireless network! Often, this will result in unusable
>network configuration (static route clashes, etc.)
>I wish my laptop would stop activating any other interface once the
>wired network card is on.
How does this affect servers with multiple network interfaces? While i 
understand your frustration and agree that the initialization og network 
devices should be refined ifn a few ways im afraid that the changes you 
are looking to make ignore the scope of the distributions use. As a 
result i would think that the ability to configure this type of behavior 
would be appreciated by all (especially me) the default behavior should 
remain (possibly as the default through an expanded configuration 

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