The fedora-devel-java-list list

Jeff Johnson n3npq at
Tue Feb 15 06:18:39 UTC 2005

Anthony Green wrote:

>We've recently created a new mailing list called:
>	fedora-devel-java-list at
>This is a mailing list for people interested in java related
>technologies on Fedora Core. There are many application/tools/runtime
>integration and packaging issues that, to date, have mostly been
>discussed in private mail, IRC or internal Red Hat mail. I hope that we
>will use this list to push the discussion out in the open and grow
>Details on subscribing and the archives are here:
>Now, who can add this to
>  ?

Shouldn't the list be called <java-devel-fedora at>?

73 de Jeff scampering merrily away

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