Adaptec ASR-2010S, supported by i2o_block on FC3

stephan.helas at stephan.helas at
Tue Feb 15 09:19:56 UTC 2005


i got problems to install FC3 on server FSC RX300 SN because of the scsi
raid controler. this raid controler can managed by i2o_block. but the
modul don't get loaded automaticly on boot cd (boot.iso). FC1 with modul
dpt_i2o works. if i load modul manualy (anaconda ask for it) the
controller gets loaded and i can install. 

after extracting initrd.img on boot.iso i realized that i2o_block and
i2o_core are included in kernel. so i don't understand why this
controler isn't loaded automaticly. 

i use kickstart for installation and so i need an option to load this
modul during installation. is there an grub option to load this modul on
boot time? or how can i make my own boot.iso or boot floppy with
customized kernel (compiled in Modul i2o_block)? 

raid controler on fedora core1:

lspci got: 
	03:08.0 RAID bus controller: Distributed Processing Technology
SmartRAID V Controller (rev 01)

lsmod got: 
	dpt_i2o                29568   7
	sd_mod                 13388  14
	scsi_mod              116136   2  [dpt_i2o sd_mod]

dmesg |grep scsi got:
	scsi0 : Vendor: Adaptec  Model: 2010S            FW:FS13

seems to be an:

Adaptec ASR-2010S, supported by i2o_block

Best Regards
Stephan Helas

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