FC4 slimfast slimfest

Dan Williams dcbw at redhat.com
Mon Feb 21 21:10:15 UTC 2005

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Elliot Lee wrote:
> Here's a heads up that we need to get rid of about 300M of packages to
> make sure that FC4 continues to fit on 4 CD's. Right now eclipse, xfce,
> xemacs, cfengine, and all the games are leading candidates. We also may
> try to start removing stuff from Core in hopes that it will appear in
> Extras if someone cares about it.
> Nothing is set in stone, but if you want to write in favor of keeping
> something, you'll have to suggest something else of equal or greater size
> to axe instead.
> You can view the list of new packages since FC3 (sorted by package size)  
> at http://people.redhat.com/sopwith/new-packages.txt

Is there any particular reason to keep 'gv'?  How important is it to keep around 
pure X11 versions of tools like this? There are gnome & KDE versions of 
PostScript & PDF viewers that are much more capable, and far less ugly.

Furthermore, I think it's time for 'ggv' and 'gpdf' to go as well, in favor of 
Evince as the Single Gnome Document Viewer for PS/PDF files.  Its going to 
happen at some point anyway, might as well be now.

Total savings from these three would be:

169938 gv-3.5.8-29.i386.rpm
936623 ggv-2.8.3-1.i386.rpm
775003 gpdf-2.9.3-1.i386.rpm


PS (I think xpdf has to stick around for now...)

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