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Eric Warnke eric at snowmoon.com
Mon Feb 21 23:32:10 UTC 2005

I think the point made here is quite important.  Another package that 
could be droped from core is nss_db because it's been half broken since 
FC3 ( possibly before ) and is using at least 1mb of space needlessly. 
It has been statically linked against db4.0 thereby driving up the size 
of the binaries.  Also, thrid party tools linked against db4.2 ( now 
default ) libraries are incompatible with nss_db because it is 
statically linked against 4.0.

I submitted a patched .src.rpm file that corrects those problems so that 
not only are the libraries much smaller, but third party db generator 
tools work ( since they are generally statically linked ) and it has 
just sat there without any changes.

So, please, move it to extras so that someone can maintain it.  There 
may be dozens of packages like nss_db where the average person does not 
use it, it has been poorly maintined, and it get isntalled by default on 
all systems.


Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>>No, That's the point - if fedora is going to work and going to have a
>>constantly increasing number of packages then people OUTSIDE of red hat
>>need to play ball.
> Well yeah.  But that's neither here nor there.  You're stating that Core is
> defined as RedHat's contribution and Extras as The Community contribution to
> the Fedora Project.  But that's never been stated.
> I want that clarified because it's a very different thing to look at Core
> and say I wouldn't mind having to download that separate from the Core CDs
> versus I wouldn't mind maintaining that package or seeing it go to
> /dev/null.
> This, of course, leads into the complementary question of whether RedHat
> is willing to open up maintenance of Core packages to Community
> contributers.
> So there's a different set of criteria for choosing packages and a different
> set of helpful suggestions outside the scope of adding/removing packages
> depending on what we're actually trying to limit (disk space or RedHat
> maintenence burden.)
>>if you don't know how to get on the team go here:
> Yep.  But fear of rejection has always kept me shy :-)
> -Toshio


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