FC4 slimfast slimfest

jeff moe at blagblagblag.org
Mon Feb 21 22:14:29 UTC 2005

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> How about 1 DVD?  The binaries for FC1 up to FC3 fit in that,
> and I very much doubt FC4's wouldn't.  CDs are *so* small...

Few folks have DVD burners...

> How about moving Gnome and KDE to extras?  That would save a
> lot of space.  Then the same clueless users that would be
> driven away by the additional half-CD would think: hey, cool,
> this distro is a single CD (or maybe two), why not give it a
> try?

That's what I've done--reduced FC to one CD. This makes it easy 
for folks to download & hand out. I got tired of burning 3+ CDs 
each time I wanted to spread a copy.

It still has gnome, xfce, firefox, gimp, abiword, etc.,  plus 
some FreshRPMS/Dag packages (inkscape, scribus, mplayer, ...). 
All -devel packages, KDE, OOo, & developer tools are removed 
from the CD, but in the repository. There's a DVD version that 
has everything though.

I'm not suggesting Fedora do this... But perhaps Fedora could 
move the -devel & devel tools to the last CDs so people 
wouldn't have to download as large of a set. This would make it 
easier for book/magazine publishers too. Developers know yum...



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