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The DJ djotaku1282 at
Tue Feb 22 03:03:20 UTC 2005

Wow, 7 digests were spawned from today's back and
forth on this topic.  About two digests from the
latest ones people made the following suggestion and I
wanted to ditto:

At the rate I've noticed, from finish of FCX to finish
of FCX+1 is about 8 months.  (Give or take a month) 
So why not let FC4 be 5 CDs.  When FC5 comes out at
the end of the year, we will have anaconda installing
from repos anyway, and we can trim down all the way to
1 or 2 CDs.  

Perhaps I'm the atypical user, but going through all
of the packages in yum and trying to figure out what
to install from the "extras" is a lot more of a hassle
than downloading another iso.  Just leave it going
over night...does anyone pay by the hour anymore? 
(And don't use AOL cuz it may kick you off)

Finally, about FC3 not being in magazines...that is a
false statement.  Linux Format Magazine recently
included FC3 in the DVD edition of their magazine.  So
while the issue of trimming down Fedora may be moot
after this distro (with the anaconda fix/update/hack),
I don't think having just 300mb (not even half a 700mb
cd) extra is a big deal.

I think that's been lost over all of these emails -
it's not really an extra CD it's an extra half-cd.  So
one wait's 1.5 times as long as they do now, no

I really think it would save a lot of hassle.

Vote with me 5 CDs in FC4 and 2 CDs in FC5

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