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Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at
Tue Feb 22 04:40:33 UTC 2005

The DJ wrote:

>Wow, 7 digests were spawned from today's back and
>forth on this topic.  About two digests from the
>latest ones people made the following suggestion and I
>wanted to ditto:
>At the rate I've noticed, from finish of FCX to finish
>of FCX+1 is about 8 months.  (Give or take a month) 
>So why not let FC4 be 5 CDs.  When FC5 comes out at
>the end of the year, we will have anaconda installing
>from repos anyway, and we can trim down all the way to
>1 or 2 CDs.  
I like this idea. However , knowing (and living) in Brazil and having an 
idea of how
the distribution of high speed (or even cheap) internet connections 
around 3rd world countries is,
I'd vote for this choice only if there was a way (specially a simple 
one) for someone
with enough bandwidth to download all the packages from those extra 
repositories and
create a set of CDs/DVDs that can install the whole distribution without 
the need of extra
downloads afterwards (except for updates). After all , that's what 
happens around here... Someone
downloads the distribution and burns the isos for the 
friends/coworkers/LUG members who need them (or in some cases,
people buy the CDs online from stores like cheapbytes , since the dialup 
costs for downloading
a whole distribution like fedora are almost three times the price of the 
CDs + shipping)...

Pedro Macedo

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