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Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Tue Feb 22 18:45:52 UTC 2005

Once upon a time, Tyler Larson <fedora-devel at tlarson.com> said:
> However, I really like the idea of installing a base OS from just one CD 
> and installing the rest of the system using yum or up2date. After all, most 
> users will have to update the majority of the packages they've just 
> installed immediately after their first boot.

That still assumes everyone has high-speed bandwidth available, which is
a broken assumption.  If you think everyone should be downloading to get
most packages, why not make boot.iso the only distributed image and make
everything else downloaded?  That "solves" all the CD/DVD count and
distribution issues.

I am disappointed that the setup for Fedora Extras is to just have a
rolling-update tree with no ISOs.  That makes FE packages second class
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