FC4 slimfast slimfest

Tyler Larson fedora-devel at tlarson.com
Tue Feb 22 22:53:18 UTC 2005

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 14:51:00 -0700, Tyler Larson
> <fedora-devel at tlarson.com> wrote:
> There are 2 different but related problems.  
> 1) Making sure users have the disks they need for what they want. 
> 2) Making sure the installer doesn't let users try to install items
> don't have the disks for. (assuming of course a non-networked install)
> [...]
> installed later after firstboot from media or from the network. Even
> then.. solving problem 1.. prevents this all together.
> -jef

True, but as you pointed out, solving problem 1 is a difficult task. And then, 
even with a sophisticated CD-selection web application, you can rest assured 
that most people won't use it. They'll get the CDs from their friends, or from 
their network administrator, or they'll just download all of the ones they 
think they might use, just in case.

My opinion is that we solve problem 2 ('cause it need solving anyway), and 
give some general guidelines for problem 1 (e.g. I would certainly not 
download a Java CD).

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