FC4 slimfast slimfest

Cream lists at donut.dk
Tue Feb 22 23:20:47 UTC 2005


A simple menu driven download & burn program, that lets you browse a yum 
  repository, could be like selecting individual packages in anaconda, 
you could even have it check dependencies, and download those aswell. 
And then burn your selection to a cd/dvd. (possibly spanning several cd's)

Then a set of "yum cd-list/cd-install/cd-etc.." commands to access your 
newly homebuilt yum-repository-on-a-cd.

That way you can build your own up to date extra's cd, and go deploy it 

And it would be easy to imagine:
- a shiny X manager/installer
- online cd sellers that would let you mix your own Extra's packages cd, 
burn and ship it to you, or burn-to-order updated everything-included-dvd's

an idea?

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