fc3 install hangs at "configuring kernel parameters"

Bill Rees breeze at smsonline.com
Wed Feb 23 00:06:30 UTC 2005

Hi All,
    I've tried installing FC3 several times with differing setups and 
for each install, the final reboot hangs right as "configuring kernel 
parameters" prints out.  What is going on at this stage and what may be 
the problem?  I've done one FC3 install before on the same motherboard 
(shuttle AK32v3.1) that worked just fine.  The only difference I can see 
is the processor is different (faster).

    Any thoughts anyone?  I'm going to try a live cd image boot and 
replace the kernel with a 2.6.8 variant and see if that makes any 

Bill Rees
Nascar Sillicon Motor Speedway

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