reducing distribution CD count

Gene C. czar at
Thu Feb 24 14:06:20 UTC 2005

I have been following the various discussions of reducing the CD count and 
have the following comments:

1. I agree with those who want to expand the FC4 set to 5 CD images and then 
put the big reduction effort into the FC5 timeframe when anaconda can/should 
be able to handle multiple "respositories"  (and, homefully, pup also).

2. Lets say something major which a lot of users will want is move out of the 
"core core" and into a secondary "repository" which will still be fully 
maintained by Red Hat employees.  No flaming intended, but lets say this is 
kde and all kde associated applications.  Now that would be a big chunk but 
it would also be something a lot of users would want.  What is the current 
thinking about how this "secondary repository" will be available to the user?  
Furthermore, this must be done in such a manner that it is obvious that Red 
Hat is NOT slighting the packages involved.

3.  Can someone point me to the mailing list where the discussions are being 
held about this future multiple repository?

4.  I am a little concerned about the discussion of multiple repositories and 
getting the CD count does to below four.  What I am reading into the 
"multiple repository" discussions so far is that there would be a small 
number of CD images but then the rest of the packages would be pulled in off 
the Internet.  While this should work in most cases, there does exist a need 
to have stand-alone systems or small networks of systems which have no 
connectivity to the Internet.  Currently, with everything on CD or DVD 
images, things work for these stand-alone systems.  True, getting updates to 
these systems is a bit more work requiring downloading, burning to DVD or CD 
and then moving to the unconnected systems but it does work.  If large pieces 
of the "core" is only available via the Internet, then this can cause a great 
deal of additional effort.

5.  There was some mention of RHEL having "extra" packages which are not part 
of the RHEL on CDs.  How does RHEL handle the extra packages for stand-alone 

6.  Currently, I pick and choose a small number of extra packages from Fedora 
Extras and other rpm repositories.  If large number of packages which a lot 
of individuals may want are moved into secondary repositories, how will 
things be handled?  Will there be CD and/or DVD images available of these 

7.  Currently, I do everything installs of Fedora Core for many installations 
simply because it is easier than adding a lot of stuff manually ... even if 
this does include a lot of packages that I have no need to install ... it is 
just simpler to include them.  However, doing "everything everything" 
installs which would include packages from a Core, Extended Core, Extras, and 
other repositories, does not sound like it would work.  There must be a 
better way.

My view of how installation should work is that the basic installation should 
be just that ... basic.  Then, during firstboot (and available at later times 
too), you run something like pup (I hope this is the intent) to add 
additional packages and groupings of packages ... this does need to have the 
ability to select package installation/removal on an individual package 
basis.  Large groupings of packages (e.g., KDE) should be available as CD or 
DVD images.


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