reducing distribution CD count

Elliot Lee sopwith at
Thu Feb 24 16:38:24 UTC 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Gene C. wrote:

> 1. I agree with those who want to expand the FC4 set to 5 CD images and
> then put the big reduction effort into the FC5 timeframe when anaconda
> can/should be able to handle multiple "respositories"  (and, homefully,
> pup also).

Something that needs to be mentioned - it was decided that it was better
to go to 5 CDs for now than to kick eclipse and the Java stuff out.  
However, there is plenty of other stuff that can be moved to Extras right
now, and as you've seen that has already been happening (maintainers 
still wanted for some of that stuff!).

-- Elliot

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