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Michael Favia michael.favia at insitesinc.com
Fri Feb 25 01:20:32 UTC 2005

Peter Robinson wrote:

> Network install is fine for those that have big network pipes. Some of
>us live at the end of a crappy 28K dialup because we have 25Kms of
>copper from the exchange and the encumbant Aussie telco won't do
>anything about it :-)
And a viable CD based alternative should be provided. Including the 
ability to make "extras" cd's on the fly perhaps. but i dont think that 
the fedora project should organize itself around your problems because 
you represent the past. I think it is important to embrace the future 
(network installs from truncated media) and still provide for those who 
[for whatever reason] are stuck in the past (28.8). On the fly 
CD's/DVD's are a great gapping tool for this IMO.

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