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Nicolas Mailhot Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net
Fri Feb 25 07:09:12 UTC 2005

Le vendredi 25 février 2005 à 08:57 +0800, Peter Robinson a écrit :
>> I do think more will be achieved by making network installations more
>> convenient than putting a hard limit on the disk number. After all even
>> if a floppy FC was possible today no one would go through the hassle of
>> feeding hundreds of disks in the reader to make use of it.
>> Just have the network install kick ass (a one-stage install from the
>> first CD not like I heard minimal install then boot then yum then
>> whatever) and no one will care the about number of isos anymore (because
>> mags will only ship the first CD and people with no network connectivity
>> will the the last to complain FC isos are numerous enough they won't
>> miss anything once they burnt them).
>Network install is fine for those that have big network pipes. Some of
>us live at the end of a crappy 28K dialup because we have 25Kms of
>copper from the exchange and the encumbant Aussie telco won't do
>anything about it :-)

Well, in your case wouldn't you prefer having more CDs not less ? This
way once you have them you won't have to do lots of networking just to
complete  a barebones initial installation.

I do think the "we need to shrunk the distro so it fits in a small cd
set" is a false problem. Network installs don't care, people without
good networking would rather have a complete CD set.


Nicolas Mailhot
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