XFCE packages gone?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Sat Feb 26 10:34:57 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-02-26 at 00:15 -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>It's actually the other way round.  I happen to prefer GNU Emacs for
>several reasons, but I know from personal experience that XEmacs is
>far more feature-rich than GNU Emacs.  xemacs-sumo offers a lot of
>applications that are not available within GNU Emacs.  If we are to
>remove one of them, the one that is mostly duplicate functionality is
>GNU Emacs.  w3-mode, mailcrypt, auctex are some of the apps that come
>to mind as built into XEmacs but missing from GNU Emacs.
I already filed a bug for the absence of tramp, which was in xemacs but
isn't in emacs. Despite years of using xemacs I'll certainly have a go
at switching to emacs -- they're large packages and there's such a large
overlap in their functionality that it makes sense to ship only one.

For Exim/Postfix I don't hold out as much hope. I think the 'duplicate
functionality' argument is even more backwards there, but I'm certainly
willing to have a play with Postfix if I get time. It'd be useful if
someone could suggest ways that a Postfix configuration can do the
things which were possible with Exim in FC3 -- in particular:

 - Spam/virus scanning at SMTP time with tunable rejection thresholds,
   as in the default exim.conf

 - Virtual domains with aliases in TXT records in DNS, so that the
   owners of each domain can do maintenance with a Dynamic DNS client.

 - Virtual domains with local users defined by the existence of a mbox
   file in a given directory, to which that user's mail is delivered.

 - Automatic rewriting of outgoing reverse-paths using a timestamp and 
   HMAC so that no mail is ever sent from a raw address like
   'dwmw2 at infradead.org' hence no bounces need to be accepted. So users
   stop getting bounces to mail they didn't send, and other sites who do
   sender verification callouts stop accepting fake mail.

 - Correct sender verification callouts using the NULL sender to 
   simulate a bounce instead of a postmaster address.

 - Recipient verification callouts for domains for which we perform
   backup MX services, to avoid accepting mail to nonexistent users.

 - Rejection of HELO claiming to be a host in certain domains which are
   known to always have correct reverse DNS, when the host in question 
   lacks it.

 - Rejection of hosts failing the CSV (draft-ietf-marid-csv-csa-02.txt)
   record of the name with which they HELO
   ( http://david.woodhou.se/eximconf/include/acl-helo-csv)

And indeed the rest of the spam checks in and functionality seen in
http://david.woodhou.se/eximconf/ including but not limited to the
filters in include/acl-content and include/acl-recipient

These are things which are possible with Exim as Fedora Core 3 shipped
it. Will they be possible with Fedora Core 4 as shipped? Is that 1721KiB
package _really_ duplicating functionality which is available


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