Package pruning for FC4 and beyond

Eric Warnke eric at
Sat Feb 26 15:17:12 UTC 2005


This was meant to spark discussion... not to be the end all be all.

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> how are you checking for deps?  the libtiff deps isnt somthing
> obscure.. its required by gtk2.
> I just want to make sure you aren't wasting your time using a depcheck
> method thats going to  be highly unreliable. Are you looking at the
> deps in fc3  or in rawhide? I'm not sure looking at the dep chains in
> fc3 gives an accurate picture for the sake of this discussion.

I could not find a rpmdb for rawhide.  If you wish to send me one I 
would be more than happy to use it.  I have been using rpm -w 
--whatrequires under the full fc3 rpmdb.

>>dasher - obscure alternate input method ! 10MB
> uhm... thats almost an offensive comment... a11y elements are very
> important... just be glad you don't need them.

If it is used by kde or gnomes accessability feature and used by someone 
( anyone ) I will remove it from consiteration.

Your other objections are noted, but I stand by freeradius as a 
specialty package probably better served in extras.



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