fedora-devel-list Digest, Vol 12, Issue 86

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 14:28:54 UTC 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 17:36:00 +1100, Martin Sevior
<msevior at physics.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
>I don't feel much loyality to FC
> or RedHat anymore.

That's unfortunate, especially since we are now seeing public facing
progress in Extras and the newly established contributor process in
place.  If there is nothing that can be said to encourage you to take
a constructive  role in the evolving contributor process during its
critical initial stages, then please, check back from time to time as
the process matures and Core evolves accordingly.

The situation we are in now.. with the inclusion of java is a rather
extradinary event, and I dare say would have lead to similar packaging
decisions by Red Hat if it happened in the rhl timeframe. We can
either agree with the decision and the constraints or we disagree..
but please lets not imply malice in the decision-making.  I hope you
check back into the process in the fc5 timeframe when the discussion
to make Core drastically smaller takes on much more weight if the
anaconda development plan holds true to expected timeframe for repo

If it wasn't clear before... I'll repeat it. I'm pretty sure everyone
with a stake in the race hoped to get Extras up on its feet quicker. 
And for whomever I'm allowed to speak for, I apologize for it taking
this long. But now that its here, everyone has a choice to make to be
involved or not.  Core is going to get smaller, Extras is going to
take on more weight through the next few releases... in an
evolutionary way.  The end result will not look exactly like ubuntu,
but things are going to move somewhat into that direction which means
a non-trivial number of packages is going to move out of Core into
Extras over time.. and Extras will take on more importance as a
result. We can't snap our fingers and make that happen overnight. And
its far more constructive to focus on thinking and working about how
Extras needs to operate in an fc6 timescale than to continue to morn
decisions Red Hat has already made.

-jef"No one in the sum total of human history has ever felt a deeper
rage than what I felt when oneko was ripped out of rhl. I fell into a
darkness, deep and bottomless. I wandered the earth, lost and forlorn
searching for meaning. I swore an oath to seek my revenge on those who
have hurt me so. I have fought a daily struggle to break open the Red
gates so that I have can get oneko back into distribution. And now
that Fedora Extras is finally here and my goal is at hand, its not so
compelling anymore cuz xdesktopwaves is sooo much cooler."spaleta

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