fedora-devel-list Digest, Vol 12, Issue 86

Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 16:06:32 UTC 2005


> >
> Well if it's so great why isn't all the java and server stuff placed in
> Extras? Developers and sys-admins know how to find stuff. 

I believe the reason for this was already discussed in this list.
basically this is the first time Free java has become good enough to
be shipped with a distro and since fedora developers did the major
work in bringing it up to this point they want to push it better.

Ordinary users
> (abiword's target market) are less inclined. I know RH big enterprise
> users pay the bills but I'd rather naively bought into the idea that FC
> was about building community with grass roots projects. Now it appears you
> have to have a substantial group of people on a payroll to get into FC
> core.

not true. extras is made up of other people. I am pushing for fc core
to just be a single cd or two. that can only happen with anaconda
getting support for other repos. meanwhile yum install abiword will
install it since fc4 will have extras repo enabled by default. so its
not hard to do.
> >> That said, we want to make our software as widely available as possible.
> >> If someone from the FC community wants to maintain AbiWord for FC-Extras
> >> we'd love to hear from them.
> >
> > I thought you said you were already maintaining FC rpms. What am I missing
> > here?
> >
> Well it appears my good friend and fellow developer Marc Maurer has
> stepped up to the job of maintaining AbiWord in Extras so FCE will get
> great AbiWord packages right after releases.
> What do we have to do to get back into core?
> Martin

propose it in the fedora extras list. 

Rahul Sundaram

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