Intel Pro Wireless cards

Eric Warnke eric at
Mon Feb 28 17:09:47 UTC 2005

After reviewing the archives of the various lists I have found no 
discussion on the topic of wireless driver inclusion in FC.

I have checked with LICENSE and FAQ for the intel driver and firmware 
and was wondering if it could be included in core.  Without those driver 
it makes most centrino based laptops useless without special handling.

Specifically since I know people will ask, the problem must lie in the 
firmware since the driver is GPL.  The firmware is under a commercial 
licence that allows redistribution as long as a small number of 
conditions are met.  Distributed by rpm and installed the only condition 
that needs to be met is that the LICENCE file needs to be installed with 
the firmware.

"*Your rights to redistribute the Software shall be contingent upon your 
installation of this Agreement in its entirety in the same directory as 
the Software.*"

So, is this a non-starter, or can this be accomodated by FC?  I know 
this would be a bog help to the laptop users out there.  At least if we 
can get the driver support in core so that each kernel release does not 
break laptop support I would be most grateful.


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