Intel Pro Wireless cards

Dan Williams dcbw at
Mon Feb 28 17:33:27 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-02-28 at 12:09 -0500, Eric Warnke wrote:
> After reviewing the archives of the various lists I have found no 
> discussion on the topic of wireless driver inclusion in FC.
> I have checked with LICENSE and FAQ for the intel driver and firmware 
> and was wondering if it could be included in core.  Without those driver 
> it makes most centrino based laptops useless without special handling.

The actual _driver_ has been included in Core kernels for some time

> Specifically since I know people will ask, the problem must lie in the 
> firmware since the driver is GPL.  The firmware is under a commercial 
> licence that allows redistribution as long as a small number of 
> conditions are met.  Distributed by rpm and installed the only condition 
> that needs to be met is that the LICENCE file needs to be installed with 
> the firmware.
> "*Your rights to redistribute the Software shall be contingent upon your 
> installation of this Agreement in its entirety in the same directory as 
> the Software.*"

This is a non-starter.  If the package is not under a FOSS license,
which this is not, then it cannot be included in Core.  The Intel
firmware is not under such a license.


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