I want more CDs in the distribution

Daryll Strauss daryll.strauss at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 21:03:17 UTC 2005

I threw this out to get people thinking about alternatives and this
idea seems to require minimal recoding. Real repositories and
categories will help those of us with broadband, but I don't think it
deals with the media install issues at all.

One person suggested moving to DVDs. The doesn't work because a LOT of
people don't have DVD burners yet. Heck one old codger I know doesn't
have a DVD reader.

I like minimizing the install and doing as much as possible after the
fact, but again that same old codger doesn't have broadband, so he
really needs CDs.

How many disks you need to install depends on how well the groups are
categorized. If you want the minimal install and do the rest over the
net, then you're surely going to be downloading fewer discs. Hopefully
the "minimal" install corresponds to the base OS case listed above, so
it's the fewest number of discs. Even if you do download all 6+
partially full disks, who cares? It's the same amount of data as 4
packed ones. You just need to burn a bit more media or do a local
network/disk install.

Getting the CD boundaries right is the tricky part. No setup is going
to work for everyone, and it is going to suck if you need one package
from that extra disk, but there's no way to avoid that problem, and
with a reasonable breakdown it seems to help many users.

- |Daryll

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