I want more CDs in the distribution

Jamie Zawinski jwz at jwz.org
Mon Feb 28 20:40:28 UTC 2005

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Daryll Strauss wrote:
> What if we break the distribution in to more CD's each with fewer
> packages more tightly organized around usage. For a made up example:
>    CD1 & CD2 - Base OS (practically everyone uses)
>    CD3 - Core Server packages
>    CD4 - Core Dekstop packages
>    CD5 - Additional Server packages
>    CD6 - Additional Desktop packages
>    CD7 - Really bizarre packages (anything else we include for some reason)

Eh, I think that means I'd always have to download at least 6 CDs,
because chances are gnome, httpd, and xemacs will be on different discs,
so it seems (selfishly) like no gain.

What I generally do is install the absolutely minimal fedora I can, and
then install the rest after the machine has booted.  This is good
because it gets me past the part I might actually have to fuck around
with (partitioning, debugging boot loader problems) right away, and then
most importantly, *gets me a network* while things are installing, so
I'm not sitting there bored out of my mind while it grinds away:
Anaconda doesn't let me ssh out to check my mail.

Also it means I don't end up installing 80% of the packages twice (the
version on the CD, and then the upgrade from yum.)

I know that the installer currently does that two-stage thing where
firstboot (or whatever) asks you to install additional packages after
the machine is on the net with a desktop.  I'd like to see stage 1 get a
lot smaller, and almost everything go into stage 2.

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