I want more CDs in the distribution

Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at margo.bijoux.nom.br
Mon Feb 28 22:02:36 UTC 2005

Adriano Galano wrote:

>Why not to use DVD like the media? Maybe that could be solve the
>question abourt what is on the CD 1 or in the CD n ;-)
One example to answer the question: I'm a computer science student in 
the biggest university in my city (the 3rd
biggest capital of brazil). And guess what? Until recently (at least 1 
year ago), I was the only one with a DVD burner (the Digital Image 
Lab bought a dvd burner 4 months after me and my best friend just bought 
one). 3 burners in an universe of 1500+ people gives an idea on
how hard would it be to burn that media ....

And there's also the fact that not every computer has a dvd drive....

Pedro Macedo

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