Package pruning for FC4 and beyond - DRAFT FINAL

Cameron Simpson cs at
Mon Feb 28 22:29:07 UTC 2005

On 00:09 27 Feb 2005, Eric Warnke <eric at> wrote:
| w3m/w3m-el - another text pager/web browser

Part of the standard recipe for rendering HTML in mutt (and probably other
text mode mail readers). Given that you advocate punting lynx too, how
do you suggest text mode users render HTML for humans?

| nss_db - partly broken. Most usefulness gone now that nscd is standard ( 

It would be good for nscd to have a useful manual page.
Its OPTIONS section says:

	--help will give you a list with all options and what they do.

| a2ps - text to postscript tool required by xfprint ( xfprint already in 
| extras ) no brainer

Got another text->ps in core please?
Some tools are used on their own!
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