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i810 driver in FC5

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
(*1) -- we still don't have a Intel 945GM driver for FC5 -- we got
updated nv drivers some days ago, but i810 wasn't updated to 1.5.1 --
but that one should work on 945GM according to

You mention this in an email about printer driver support.  Strange.

Also, I don't see any bugs in bugzilla about it.  Even more strange.

I updated the nv driver because it's been written to be source-compatible between 7.0 and 7.1, and there were trivially correct fixes in it in rawhide, so I figured hey, put it in FC5 updates too.

i810 1.6.x isn't quite source-compatible with the 7.0 server, so I didn't bother. Also I'm not running FC5 anywhere anymore. Rawhide is love.

Xorg has an xorg-announce@ list where new modules get announced as they're released, but apparently i810 1.5.1 came out just before we had that set up, so it slipped my radar. I'm happy to update it, of course, but please use bugzilla for these sorts of requests in the future. Mailing lists are ephemeral, and bugzilla has an approximately usable UI where mailman does not.

- ajax

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