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Re: some closure on the xorg updates issue

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Kernel, X.org and other userland drivers (like hpijs, gutenprint, sane,...) should normally be updated "quickly" (*1) to the latest version in the latest stable Fedora release if the new version improves hardware support. In cases like X.org 7.1, where the update might break important non-Fedora stuff (like the proprietary drivers from nvidia), we need to discuss how to proceed. Maybe setting up a special repo that has the newer X would be the proper solution *until* the non-Fedora stuff is fixed.

(*1) = read quickly as: Push the stuff to rawhide. Wait one week. If everything looks okay push it to updates-testing for a week. After that week move to updates proper if no big breakage showed up in between.

Does that sound sane?

That model works for the kernel partly because the kernel happens to be one package. X is many. This is broadly a feature, but it does make mass updates like the 7.x katamaris slightly stressful. Brew is unhelpful here because when doing katamari rebuilds I need to force package A to build against the very newest package B, and there's no mechanism for me to say "update the buildroot _now_ dammit". I'm told that's coming though.

- ajax

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