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Re: Fedora Artwork

Myles Green (rmg57 telus net) said: 
> > Forget the icons, if is not enough time for them, will not be the 
> > default, but for a wallpaper, GDM theme and GRUB splash there is no need 
> > for months of testing and these are very visible (and we have for weeks 
> > the good looking DNA theme from Máirín)
> Is there an actual GTK/Metacity theme out there? If so, my efforts at
> finding them have been in vain. I've got the wallpaper and GDM themes,
> still need to find/get the GRUB splash. I *like* this theme!

Considering this more...

I still believe that having all artwork done by feature freeze is
the proper idea.

That being said, we didn't actually *have* any policy in place
at feature freeze for FC6. So, it's somewhat hard to hold to that

My proposal for *this release is*:

- shelve the icon set - it's not done. Feel free to ship it as
  an optional update that users can install and then switch to,
  or something similar.
- for the various splash screens/logo-ware, we can change them
  as long as they are in by *test 3*. Which doesn't leave much time,
  but if they're mostly done (as they appear to be) it should be
- as to *what* artwork we ship, I hope that fedora-art can come to
  some sort of consensus.



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