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Re: Sessions and how to get rid of the RHN alert icon

On 2/4/06, Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 cornell edu> wrote:
> There used to be a checkbox "Save Session" on the Log Out button, but I
> don't see it anymore. How do I get rid of the icon, and save the
> session, so that it doesn't come back?

And since the Sessions preferences dialog still has a configurable
switch for "ask at logout"
you should definitely file a bug about the missing question at logout.
Either the session preference dialog needs to remove the configuration
option or the logout process needs to respect that configuration
choice...either way its a bug.

Poking at this a little more on my system.. i think there is perhaps a
deeper bug with the sessions configuration.  Starting from a system
that doesn't have the rhn-applet package installed.. i installed it
via yum.. started the process and then tried to get the rhn-applet to
be part of my session. I can't get the rhn-applet to actually stay.
its almost like the changes I make via the sessions preference are
just being completely ignored.


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