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Re: Proposed and major updates policy

Am Montag, den 06.02.2006, 11:09 +0900 schrieb Warren Togami:
> Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> > On 2/5/06, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
> >> This is far from perfect solution. Easy example:
> > 
> > The PERFECT solution.. is to integrate update notifications back into
> > available client tools.. so noone has to dink around with any
> > mailinglist at all to see update annoucements. In the perfect world,
> > all you have to do is ask your client tool to  give you a summary of
> > relevant notifications for each repo you are interested in from the
> > repo metadata.
> I strongly agree that users shouldn't need to fumble through mail in 
> order to read update announcements.

Strongly agreed.

>  This should be part of our package 
> metadata and easily browsable using package management tools.

But it seems there are people (like me) that want to discuss on a
mailinglist if the problems they see with packages from updates-testing
are individual to their computers or a general problem. They try to
avoid filing stupid bugs or duplicates. And it seems some of these
people don't want to do that on fedora-test-list because they feel lost
in with all the rawhide traffic there.

Thorsten 'I always hear that nobody uses updates testing -- this might
be one of the reasons' Leemhuis

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