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Re: gnome-power-manager quits unexpectedly

Rowan Kerr <rowan stasis org> writes:

 | Richard Hughes wrote:
 | > On 13/02/06, S Baig <shezanbaig2004 gmail com> wrote:
 | >> ** ERROR **: This program cannot start until you start the dbus session
 | >> daemon
 | >> This is usually started in X or gnome startup (depending on distro)
 | >> You can launch the session dbus-daemon manually with this command:
 | >> eval `dbus-launch --auto-syntax`
 | >>
 | >>
 | >> I cannot find 'dbus-launch' anywhere in my path, but I verified using
 | >> 'system-config-services' that the messagebus service is running.  Has anyone
 | >> else had this problem?
 | > Do you have dbus-x11 installed?
 | I get the same problem persistently since installing from fc5t2 and
 | upgrading to rawhide. (I just did another update this morning).
 | dbus-x11 is: dbux-x11-0.60-7.2 and messagebus is set to run on startup.
 | I get another message about selinux:
 | ** (gnome-power-manager:2347):WARNING **: main: an SELinux policy
 | prevents this sender from sending this message... (rejected message
 | had interface "org.freedesktop.DBus" member "Hello" error name
 | "(unset") destination "org.freedeesktop.DBus")
 | Is there somewhere I should be resetting my selinux config or
 | what..

This bug has been hanging around for a while. My laptop can't do
suspend/hibernate. Hope it get fixed when test3 released.


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