rawhide report: 20060110 changes [extras packages moved to core]

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Thu Jan 12 09:40:06 UTC 2006

On Mer 11 janvier 2006 21:12, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> If you want to start claiming scientific user studies is the bar that
> must be met in this discussion, that's fine with me

No *you* are asking for removal. *you* must back your demand.

You started by writing f-spot and gthumb were the same thing. When I
pointed they weren't you argued that the gthumb mode was useless and/or
was redundant with nautilus.

1. if it is redundant with nautilus why didn't you propose to remove it
before ?
2. you still have to prove your assertion that the gthumb mode is useless
for most fedora users

I don't ask for any change so I don't need to do anything but blow holes
in your arguments. Which is rather easy since they boil out to "I pray
that with f-spot my wife may not feel obligated to boot into windows to
use picasa, and I feel gthumb is useless"

Nicolas Mailhot

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