suspend/hibernate on desktops

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jan 16 21:57:37 UTC 2006

Josh Boyer wrote:

>>>I agree that kernels in extras is not a good idea.  However, you have
>>>same security issues with kernel _modules_ in extras.  Think OpenAFS
>>>security issue, etc.
>>OpenAFS can't go in extras, the license isn't compatible with the GPL
>>(and thus the kernel license)
>I'm not going to bite on that, sorry :).  All I know is that there are
>some packaging OpenAFS at the moment with the intention of getting it into
The guidelines allow that.  From

"Kernel-module packages must use one of the following licenses: GNU 
General Public License v2.0, GNU Lesser General Public License v2, IBM 
Public License v1.0, Common Public License v0.5, Q Public License v1.0, 
Open Software License v1.1, or any open source license granted by Red Hat.

Note that any kernel module licensed with any license except GPL or LGPL 
will taint the kernel."

The OpenAFS module license is IBM Public license.


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