rawhide stability

Steve G linux_4ever at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 13:53:02 UTC 2006

>I've been fighting a loosing battle to get policy in shape for my system
>before FC5.

We have a lot of SE Linux tasks in flight at the moment. Its not just the policy
that has major development going on. It may not seem like its getting more
stable, but this is because we are trying hard to get the whole SE Linux system
feature complete.

>It would be possible if rawhide was otherwise stable and the selinux
>maintainers focused on stabilization, but every time I identify a
>policy problem it's rendered moot either by other rawhide problems (no
>selinux testing time left) or selinux policy changes (new creative
>policies which add new problems on top of the existing ones)

We appreciate any bugs being reported and it does help us. SE Linux changes will
slow down soon, but in the meantime there may be some problems here and there.
Please continue testing and giving us feedback on fedora-selinux. We do
appreciate the testing.


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